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Do you want to take your current business in China (Shanghai) Pilot Free trade Zone and make it better ? WE give complete solution that enables you to come into China and Start Your Business.

Legal Services / Virtual Registered Address

Virtual Registered Address in China shanghai free trade zonevirtual registered address
When you sign up for a Virtual Business Address within china shanghai free trade zone, you are provided a business address in the location of your company registration. With this Virtual registered address, you would like to register your own company. 
Legal virtual registered address
Supply a Legal virtual registered address in China (Shanghai) Pilot Free trade Zone,that will be the legal address of your company incorporation. A registered address is required to register your company in China. Choose the type of address relevant to your business from below.
Registration address in shanghai free trade zone,including virtual and actual address for shanghai free trade zone company registration,the warehouse,and small-sized warehouse containing cold storage that suit for the import and export of food,agricultural products and wine.The fees of the actual address have increased with the carry-out of the preferential policies of the Free Trade Zone.
Foreign trade consulting,the right to import and export,customs registration and inspection and quarantine.Visa invitation,legal service and business consulting service.
For foreign companies investing into China.Different companies are different to the registered address requirement of virtual registered address in china shanghai free trade zone.So please contact our consultants.Shanghai Free Trade Zone Legal virtual registered address Solution : .
China (Shanghai) Free Trade Zone Government designated Legal Service:ftz legal virtual registered address
-- Business Registration in Shanghai FTZ
-- Company Setup (
-- Virtual registered address in FTZ
-- Human Resources
-- China VISA Services 
-- Free Trade Zone Accounting and Tax Compliance Services
-- FTA Bank Account Opening
-- Foreign investment Business Law ONE-STOP Solution

Shanghai Free trade Zone is a Special zone in shanghai that Foreign Companies can register.
--No Registered Capital needed.
--No Real Office Needed (We can provide an Legal virtual registered address).
--Provide Business Registration,WFOE Setup,Accounting & Tax,Opening Bank Account,Legal virtual registered address,Foreign investment,HR,Employment permit,Legal Consulting.
Free Trade Zone Government designated Legal Service Contact SHANGHAI FTZ : .

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Legal Help for Foreign Enterprises Starting Business into China Contact Shanghai FTZ.

Company Registration / WFOE Setup / Incorporation Company

Business Registration,WFOE Setup,Legal virtual registered address,Foreign investment Consulting.

20 Steps easy to Registration Company (WFOE/JV/REP-OFFICE) in China (Shanghai) Pilot Free trade Zone.

HR / VISA / Legal Consulting / Work Permit / Employment Permit

Foreign Companies Human Resources,Work Permit and VISA Services,Employment permit.

As Government designated Legal Service Firm,help Clients into China,Provide ONE-STOP Solution.

Accounting / CPA Services / Tax Compliance / M&A Support

Accounting and Tax Compliance Services for foreign companies,M&A Support,Payroll Services.

Opening FTZ Bank Account,assist your company during the Bank Account Opening Process.