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Do you want to take your current business in China (Shanghai) Pilot Free trade Zone and make it better ? WE give complete solution that enables you to come into China and Start Your Business.

Legal Services / Trading Import-Export

How to Setup a Trading Import-Export Company ?
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We have created a very simple procedure for our clients to get their China  Trading Company Registration  started in  China.
All you need to do is to deliver the documents to us and we sort out the rest.
We always recommend setting up a holding company in China (Shanghai) Pilot Free trade Zone. is a government licensed registration agency that provides business registration services. We offer practical solutions for corporate formation with our extensive knowledge and background, all while guaranteeing results for our clients.
The procedure to set up a WFOE is very similar regardless which WFOE you want to establish. You can set up as an Individual or your existing Overseas Company and then apply a specific license depending on your business scope.
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As an example, you need a Food License to establish a Food & Beverage Company and to establish a Trading WFOE you need a Trading (Import & Export) license. Therefore, the documents required to establish each WFOE may vary slightly.

To start your China Trading Company Registration
Setting up a Trading Company in China (Shanghai) Pilot Free trade Zone is simple,company incorporation in shanghai free trade zone is called a Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprise, abbreviated WFOE or WOFE.
WFOE(WOFE) is a commonly used investment vehicle for mainland China-based businesses. The main difference from other WFOE's is that you need an Import & Export License to establish a Trading WFOE.
So what defines a WFOE? The unique feature of a WFOE is that the entity is 100% owned and capitalized by foreign investors and operating without a local (Chinese) partner. This maintains greater control over your businesses operations, targets and profits of the company, allowing the mother company to concentrate on its own operations.  WFOE is the favorable option for an overseas company that wants to permanently incorporate into mainland China.
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Setting up a limited company does not necessarily mean you can engage in any kind of business activity, as is the case in some Western countries. WFOEs can only operate within the business scope approved by the authorities. Other activities are subject to further approval. So it is vital to determine what you want to do from the offset. A trading WFOE is one of 4 types of WFOEs. It's for businesses dealing with wholesale and retail with an Import & Export License.
Importing and Exporting
Purchasing Domestic Products for Export
Being a Commission Agency
Export Goods Worldwide
Directly Import or Export from your  China Company
Claim your VAT tax back
Import Foreign Good into China

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