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Why China Shanghai Free Trade Zone ?

---Time of Opportunities, Challenges
Several decades of carefully planned development have transformed Shanghai from an industrial dinosaur filled with smoke stacks into a modern service ftz function opportunitiespowerhouse adorned with gleaming high-rises full of banks, multinational enterprises and large trading houses.
The city has spared no effort in expanding its infrastructure, including a complex highway network, subway system, new railway terminals, two airports and a deep-water sea port. Moreover, it has magnetized talented workers from around the country with an abundance of well-paying jobs in the growing services sector.
The plan has broader ramifications than its immediate impact on businesses operating in Shanghai, as it is widely seen as a precursor to economic restructuring and financial reform on a national level.
The Shanghai free trade zone project is seen as a testing ground for a series of policy-based changes that are deemed necessary to facilitate sustainable economic growth.This sector now accounts for 61 percent of the city's economic output and provides its major growth impetus.
Although details have yet to be disclosed, pundits expect it to follow roughly the same blueprint as similar zones in Hong Kong and Singapore.
Shanghai has embarked on building itself into a global financial center while moving to restructure its economy amid a climate of slower growth. 
---Tasks of Shanghai free trade zoneShanghai Free Trade Zone Incorporation Company
Although the Chinese economy has seen a slight revival in recent months, two straight years of moderate growth set against a background of strict policy controls have threatened to derail the push to move in ambitious new directions.
As such, the free trade zone may serve as the city's white knight. While details remain vague, analysts believe the zone will become a catalyst to bolster the city's development and spur innovation.
---Trade in China Shanghai Free Trade Zone
In the coming years, Shanghai's financial reforms may support China's gradual transition toward consumption-led growth.
In order to support the ordinary Chinese social model, the mainland needs more sophisticated financial services. When people feel that their future is more secure, they will consume more.
The transformation is just beginning to pay dividends. For instance, in the first half of this year, the service sector, which encompasses property, finance, telecommunications and tourism, saw faster growth than the agricultural and industrial sectors.
On a national level, the Shanghai FTZ could act as a trailblazer in terms of prodding other markets to open up as it helps improve China's economy. Policy makers have already signaled that they hope to hasten the convertibility of the yuan over the next few years to boost its use in trade and support wider financial reforms.
Opening the door to foreign banks is conducive to jumpstarting an offshore yuan market in the free trade zone.
As the free trade zone may lead to more experimentation with a fully convertible Chinese currency, the city will morph into an international financial hub faster than anticipated.
The Shanghai FTZ could play an active role in such a mission, as its reform measures may answer certain partnership requirements pertaining to government subsidies and intellectual property.
Furthermore, state officials said the zone will be viewed as a testing ground for reforms that could eventually be rolled out across China, a sign that the world's largest economy could be moving towards relaxing restrictions on foreign investment.

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