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The container integration hub function of International Yangshan bonded port area.yangshan ftz
The concept and definition of international container integration hub function.
The international container integration hub business is referred as after being sorted out and packaged in areas under special customs supervision,the foreign goods which are shipped to the Shanghai port through near-sea shipping line or international routes,and the export goods which are shipped to Shanghai through coastal or riverside line,will be delivered abroad after reshuffling according to different ports and customs.
Task significance of developing the international container integration hub function of Yangshan bonded port area.
In order to accelerate the construction of international shipping comprehensive experimental zone and play the full part of Yangshan international container integration hub,since2009,Yangshan has started to make experiments of international container integration hub oriented to the ports in mainland.In 2011,The Shanghai composite bonded area management committee has made in-depth research on that basis and list the Yangshan international container integration hub business as one of the most potential projects in Shanghai Free Trade Zone,hoping that with the geographic advantages and preferential policies,the goods can be delivered abroad through international ocean line after reshuffling.In that way,the scale effect of ocean shipping can be further developed and the Logistics value-added service level can also be improved.
Nowadays,Asian transit consolidation business in Busan,Hong Kong and Singapore international  container hub port has developed relatively fast, however, due to the limitation of flights,supervision mode and the transportation policies ,there is no precedent as the international transit business.Transit goods abroad through international near-sea shipping line and mainland transit goods through rivers are always shipped abroad in containers from Yangshan bonded port.But local resources in Yangtze River Delta and Shanghai are usually shipped abroad through international ocean line after reshuffled in the surrounding warehouses.They are separate.But with the enormous change of global economy,transference of industrial gradient,and the fast rise of mid-west of China,the transition of urban function of Shanghai and the upgrading of industrial structure of east coastal area are extremely urgent.
Expanding the international hub function of Yangshan bonded port will further develop the manufacturing service industry,expand the service area of international purchase/allocation  and distribution and some other logistics value-added services,and better serve the economy and the nation.At the same time,it is the implementation of File <Number 19,2009> released by the State Council,and the exploration of the international shipping experimental area and the innovation of the regional management system in special supervision areas.It will help improve the competitiveness of Shanghai international shipping center and narrow the gap with Singapore and Hong Kong in the field of function and service.

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