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Do you want to take your current business in China (Shanghai) Pilot Free trade Zone and make it better ? WE give complete solution that enables you to come into China and Start Your Business.

About FTZ

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The planning area of China (Shanghai) Free Trade Zone is 28 square kilometers.Including Yang Shan Bonded Port Area,Wai Gao QiaoBonded Area (Containing Wai Gao Qiao Bonded Logistical Park Area) and Pu Dong Airport Comprehensive Bonded Area.There will be tax preferential and special supervisal policies in these special areas.Compares with other bonded areas,the Free Trade Zone means more preferential policies and wider opening rage.
Shanghai Free trade Zone is a Special zone in shanghai that Foreign Companies can register.
--No Registered Capital needed.
--No Real Office Needed (We can provide an Legal virtual registered address).
--Provide Business Registration,WFOE Setup,Accounting & Tax,Opening Bank Account,Legal virtual registered address,Foreign investment,HR,Employment permit,Legal Consulting.
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Free Trade Zone Government designated Legal Service:Business Registration in FTZ,Virtual registered address in FTZ.
Shanghai Free Trade Zone Business Law ONE-STOP Solution :
info@ftz-shanghai.com .
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---What is Free Trade Zone?---
Free Trade Zone is divided into two different types.One of them is the generalized Free Trade Zone,it means two (or more) countries and areas 
cancel most of the products' custom tax and non-tariff barrier in separated phases through signing a free trade agreement.And the other one is 
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Shanghai-the narrow Free Trade Zone.Meaning as far as import custom tax and other tax of any products in this area are concerned,they are regarded as outside China.Which means they are free of customary custom supervisal systems.

What is the difference between the Bonded Area ans Free Trade Zone of Shanghai?
Different than other bonded area,the biggest feature of Free Trade Zone is the special custom supervisal system called "Domestic but out of Customs". Which means "Open the A line (Free Trade Zone and boarder line) and control the B line (Free Trade Zone and Non Free Trade Zone)".
General back ground of Shanghai Free Trade Zone's Approval,China is now facing the "Second Entrance to the World": China is not concluded in the European and America Free Trade Zone Negotiation and Pacific Partner Relationship Agreement.China is facing the big risk of "Second Entrance to the World" according the probability changes of future international trading rules and patterns.
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Legal Help for Foreign Enterprises Starting Business into China Contact Shanghai FTZ.

Company Registration / WFOE Setup / Incorporation Company

Business Registration,WFOE Setup,Legal virtual registered address,Foreign investment Consulting.

20 Steps easy to Registration Company (WFOE/JV/REP-OFFICE) in China (Shanghai) Pilot Free trade Zone.

HR / VISA / Legal Consulting / Work Permit / Employment Permit

Foreign Companies Human Resources,Work Permit and VISA Services,Employment permit.

As Government designated Legal Service Firm,help Clients into China,Provide ONE-STOP Solution.

Accounting / CPA Services / Tax Compliance / M&A Support

Accounting and Tax Compliance Services for foreign companies,M&A Support,Payroll Services.

Opening FTZ Bank Account,assist your company during the Bank Account Opening Process.